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A posting of paid and free books. *Please note e-books are free at the time of posting, but are subject to change in pricing. Therefore, if you see a book that interests you grab it! Also, please follow us on Twitter!/theluvofbooks for additional selections. Please join this blog. Thank you.

The Misadventures of Daria Pigwidgeon by Amy Lunderman

Under all my soft girl exterior and inner demon, turns out I'm more girl than demon. 

A stupid girl it would seem and this is my misadventure.
I just hope it's not my last...

Daria Pigwidgeon hasn't had an easy life. Not when she is the only demon born with a soul - and the only one to have grown up with a family of pure demons. All she ever known was pain and abandonment. Her family never let her forget that she was nothing but an abomination. So taking her life into her own hands, she flees hundreds of miles across the Country to start over. What she finds will change everything she ever thought she knew about herself.

While learning the ways of regular humans, Daria relinquishes the lure of using her demon gifted abilities to remain anonymous in her new life. Of course, this only makes other things overly complicated like her feelings for her neighbor, Chance. He is the one person that can make her feel safe and terrified all at the same time. She has always known how to protect herself; she just never thought to protect her heart, especially when it comes to the unknown. Then there is the fact that her family found her somehow and won't take no for an answer. She struggles with remembering why she ran away from them in the first place. Suddenly her past is wrapped up into her present and sooner or later she'll have to make a choice, a choice that could change everything.

When an unseen force starts following her around like a bad habit reeking of fear, Daria will have to take a good look at everyone that is around her. Her friends, her family, they all become suspect. Something is trying to kill her and even if it's the last thing she does, she'll find out a way to change her destined fate.

this Little Piggy went to the Liquor Store by AK Turner

This Little Piggy Went to the Liquor Store chronicles what happens when a little girl who scorns the idea of marriage and children (in favor of becoming a stiletto-wearing, attache-carrying Secret Agent), majors in Russian, minors in Vodka, and then one day finds herself with child… and in-laws.

BLACKLISTED from the PTA by Lela Davidson

Blacklisted from the PTA is an irreverent look at motherhood and the modern family. From the high chair to a vinyl restaurant booth on date night, Lela Davidson has captured life on the cul-de-sac with a husband, two kids, and the occasional pet. Whether failing at cloth diaper origami or smug in knowledge that her children have never consumed a PopTart, Lela assures parents they are not alone, and that it's okay to laugh-at yourself, and at your kids. These are the stories of Everyparent-even if we don't always tell them out loud. Each of these 62 essays can be read in under five minutes for a quick laugh-either with or at the author.

As a CPA on the mommy track, all Lela wanted to do was sit on the driveway and drink wine out of a box with the neighbors. Luckily, she started writing down her stories instead. Whether tackling PTA meetings, neighborhood politics, or inflation-by-Tooth Fairy, Lela exposes the humor in every awkward moment and maternal meltdown. From a trendy Seattle condo, to a tidy Arkansas subdivision, Lela shares the comic side of family life. She takes you to Mexican bars, the hockey rinks of St. Louis, ski slopes near Santa Fe, shopping in Dallas, and even introduces you to a few strippers-the novices on the playgrounds of New York City, and the pros in Vegas. Lela says what the rest of us are thinking. Her hilarious observations and subtle satire are always spot on. She's not afraid to reveal her screw-ups, along with fleeting delusional moments of wherein she honestly believes she is the best mom ever. 

The Firefly Witch by AleX Bledsoe

Witch Tales: Volume 1

In these three short stories a small-town reporter meets a beautiful witch who shows him how mysterious, and dangerous, the world can truly be.

When small-town reporter Ry Tully meets the woman of his dreams, he has no idea what he's getting into.

Tanna is blind, but when fireflies are around, she can see. She's a graduate student in parapsychology, and psychic herself. She's also a second-degree Wiccan priestess--a witch. And her primary duty is to help those in need, whether living, dead, or otherwise.

Will Ry be able to forge a relationship with a woman so different from anyone he's known? Will Tanna rise to the challenges of both her new love, and her chosen path? And will the dark corners of the world be ready for the Firefly Witch?

Cherry On Top by Kathleen Long

Life... When Cherry Harte wins the lottery, she sets out to reinvent her life. New villa. New wardrobe. New personal history. The only thing that can stop her now is her wacky family and the hunky mechanic who kicks her libido from zero to sixty in no time flat.

Luck... Luke Chance has had it with women, especially women with new money, yet Cherry Harte seems to be far more than a pretty package. But is she on the lam? The woman's hiding something, and Luke intends to find out what. He's a man on mission. Call it...


A posting of paid and free books. *Please note e-books are free at the time of posting, but are subject to change in pricing. Therefore, if you see a book that interests you grab it! Also, please follow us on Twitter!/theluvofbooks for additional selections. Please join this blog. Thank you.

Welcome to our kitchen.
We want to share our experience and that of our parents with you. In 27 Appetizer Easy Recipes is explained how to make Appetizers in an easy and understandable way for all kind of people. This book is part of a series called "Easy Appetizer & Salad Recipes." All recipes included in this book have been carefully selected from an exclusive library which include several titles about Cooking, Food, and other important subjects, and adapted and presented to You in a format suitable for EVERY type of tablet in the market, such as E-Reader, Kindle Basic, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, iPad and many more.We all know how useful these devices are today, and if you still haven´t done it, we advise you to upload our recipes and have them always handy in your kitchen. And all our books are available in paper too.This book includes some recipes from famous restaurants.

Are you in a mood for a perfect tasting chicken meal? Need to treat yourself to something that will tantalize your taste buds? 

Need a delicious and hearty chicken meal to serve your loved ones and friends? Treat yourself to a delightful chicken feast! It's perfect for all occasions!Within this book, you will discover how to make the best tasting chicken meal!Discover more than 18 simple to follow and mouth-watering chicken recipes.

Life can be so busy that there is hardly time to eat dinner. The thought of trying to think of something to make, making it, and cleaning up afterward can be overwhelming.

If you can plan ahead, crock pot meals are a great way to minimize the mess, and have dinner ready when you need it. Crock Pot in a Flash seems to be an oxymoron, but that will be covered in a different book.But sometimes planning ahead isn't possible. That's where this book is helpful. Dinners presented here are 30 minutes or less from start to table. And the number of dishes required for preparation is minimized to help lessen the time needed for clean-up.So enjoy a quick dinner with your family that tastes better and fresher than you will ever buy ready-made; not to mention healthier and usually at a significant cost-savings.

Myra Goodman knows salad. Founder with her husband, Drew, of Earthbound Farm—the largest grower of organic produce in North America—she is the author FOOD TO LIVE BY and THE EARTHBOUND COOK, sumptuous cookbooks built on the idea of fresh, seasonal cooking. From those books, she has culled a useful and inspiring ebook short filled with 25 recipes for salads that showcase the best produce of spring, summer, fall and winter. 

Colorful, healthy, and packed with delightful textures and flavors, these are what salads should be.  For Spring and Summer: Strawberry-Tarragon Salad with Aged Balsamic Vinegar; Chopped Summer Vegetable Salad; Farro Salad with Edamame and Arugula; Summer Salad with Butter Lettuce, Raspberries, and Hazelnuts. Fall and Winter: Jicama and Orange Salad with Orange-Sesame Vinaigrette; Escarole with Walnuts, Dates, and Bacon; Roasted Beet Salad alla Caprese; Autumn Salad with Persimmons and Pomegranate Seeds.  Plus a Field Guide to Salad Greens, sidebars exploring ingredients and salad basics, how to grow your own sprouts and infuse your own oils, and a chapter dedicated to versatile dressings and dips. 

Who doesn't love a good smoothie? In Yummy Fruit Smoothies Vol. 1 you will find 12 delicious smoothie recipes. No matter what kind of fruit or flavors you like, you are sure to find several healthy treats you will enjoy.

This book is filled with unique smoothie recipes. I aimed to include several smoothie recipes that you don't see everyday but are still totally yummy!

Are you in a mood for a cup of perfect tasting and refreshing iced coffee? Need to treat yourself to something that will tantalize your taste buds? 

Need a beverage to chill out with your loved ones and friends? Treat yourself to a great tasting cup of coffee! It satisfies you, helps you to relax and destress and makes your company of friends and loved ones happy!Within this book, you will discover how to make the best tasting and refreshing iced coffee from different coffee beans and even chocolate!Discover more than 20 simple to follow iced coffee recipes.

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Free E-Books

*Please note e-books are free at the time of posting, but are subject to change in pricing. Therefore, if you see a book that interests you grab it! Also, please follow us on Twitter!/theluvofbooks for additional selections. Please join this blog. Thank you.

32 Delicious Lasagna Recipes by Cooking Penguin

These 32 easy Lasagna Recipes are the perfect recipes to serve your family and your friends either at a luncheon or for a dinner party. You will find that these recipes are full of flavor and very easy to make. Everyone will love the taste and request more!

The recipe collection ranges from the traditional Czech recipes passed down through Bohemian ancestry or translated from antique 1800's cookbooks and adapted for American kitchens to our own original recipes with more diversity reflecting our lifestyle. Czech Cooking Volume I Knedlíky is the first book in the recipe series, featuring over 40 Czech Dumpling (Knedlíky) recipes including bread (plain, yeast, or baking soda), potato and dessert dumplings. 

Hi, I'm very excited to share my family favorite recipes with you, as a wife and working mother of two, I know how important it is to add variety to our daily meals while keeping them delicious, that's why in this book I've included my family top 30 favorite super snack recipes, the reason I've chosen thirty, is so that you could try one recipe every single day for an entire month, then again, once you've tried them all, you can stick to the ones you like the most.

The Sampler contains eleven great Cajun recipes with accompanying photos and complete step by step instructions. It also contains history and facts about Louisiana and New Orleans. Additionally there are several inspiring stories with connections to a specific recipe. Lastly, there is some great Cajun humor scattered throughout the manuscript. The full version of Cajun Cuisine and More is all of the above, times four. 

Here is a collection of delicious cake, muffin, brownie and dessert recipes all made with coffee. Plus a recipe for Jane's Special Espresso Martin.

Cheesecake is one of those few desserts that has it all - rich, very tasty, high quality, great presentation options, and just plain elegance. It also does not require a baking degree from a culinary school to make to perfection!

All you need are some basic tools, one of which is this little book!

I have assembled the best tested cheesecake recipes with simple easy directions to make that perfect cheesecake and impress your family and friends. The directions are organized and grouped by the processing/preparation stages.

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Free E-Books

*Please note e-books are free at the time of posting, but are subject to change in pricing. Therefore, if you see a book that interests you grab it! Also, please follow us on Twitter!/theluvofbooks for additional selections. Please join this blog. Thank you.

Memoirs of a Love Lost by Rico Dasheem

Memoirs of a love lost, details a young man's journey into adulthood. As he encounters his first love; we are drawn in by his amorous disposition and incredible sexual appetite.

As you read this revelation of a man's thoughts on love, life and companionship you begin to understand we all are guilty of actions or inaction's that cause a Love Lost!"Every day is a learning experience. Every day is a new experience to have lived, to have learned, to have loved!

The Land of Milk and Honey by Henry Ngaeje

A young man; tired of his village life in rural Tanzania (Africa) where he was born and bred, vows to seek greener pastures in the western world where he believes he can get all the riches the world can give. Misinformed and misguided, he embarks in an audacious journey fraught with all sorts of uncertainties. He learns the hard way that ignorance has a price tag - sometimes the price is a little bit too high.

In the hills of Tennessee, Shane Carson, a gifted, nationally-recognized horseman, is living the good life. When a mysterious mustang shows up on his farm, Shane doesn’t know how—or why—the horse appeared, but the horse’s distinctive brand identifies her. She is one of the Spirit Horses, a rare, wild herd that runs free on the Shoshone reservation in Wyoming. Watched over for centuries in the tribe’s ancestral valleys, these exquisite horses, according to belief, provide a link to the afterlife.