Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Vintage Cake Recipes by Amy Renee
Learn how to make tasty vintage cakes that will blow your family and friends away! Over 25 scrumptious recipes await you.

Eleven fun and easy ice cream recipes. No ice cream machine is required. With just a few ingredients that are commonly found in any kitchen, you can have delicious creamy ice cream.

Bored of having the same cardboard tasting snack every day? It’s time to spice things up!

Try all of these yummy and healthy snack options and rediscover what taste really means. Snacking has amazing benefits for both adults and children and is part of a well balanced nutrition. Healthy snacks, which are high in fiber and low in fat, help you feel energized throughout the day!

It easy to say on track when you have the right food handy. Achieving your healthy and weight loss goals has never been easier. Delicious and filling, these recipes give you all the nutritional information you need in order to make an informed decision: from protein content, to fiber, carbs and cholesterol, it’s all there.

The best thing, you know for sure each serving is 100 calories or less, so no worries there!

Seasonal fruit makes delicious and moist quick bread. If you would enjoy baking with fresh fruit and staples you already have in your pantry, then you'll certainly enjoy this recipe book. Too often we end up with extra fruit from our trees in the backyard or fresh fruit we purchased, but it's just sitting in the bowl. Now you have a way to use it and avoid the waste.

Not only are quick breads yummy, you can save money by doing your own baking. How much is a fabulous banana bread or blueberry bread at your local market or bakery? You can create the same delicious bread in your home; not to mention how wonderful your house will smell during and after baking your quick bread.

Take one of these quick bread recipes and convert it to muffins using the information included, if that's what you prefer. Quick bread recipes are equally good served warm, cold or even toasted for breakfast. Decorate the top of your loaf or muffins; serve with ice cream or whipping cream; enjoy with plain or flavored butter. In other words, you can't go wrong with the right quick bread recipes! You could have your next masterpiece in the oven in 15 minutes, ready to take out of the oven in the next hour! 

Suffering from celiac or being gluten intolerant can be an immense challenge when trying to survive our gluten based society. Especially when you have a sweet tooth!

Problem is, most gluten recipes produce ugly looking, dry and lifeless results...

The good news is, you don't have to suffer the awful tasting gluten free cakes while everyone else is munching down on wheat rich pastries!

In "My Favorite Gluten free Cake Recipes", author and food lover Beth Davis compiled 25 easy to prepare recipes that will produce juicy, wet and delicious goodies that will get your mouth watering.

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