Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Martin Luther King Jr.: Brother Martin Has A Dream by Willard Sterne Randall & Nancy Nahra
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is today a mythic figure. But who was he really? Here, in this brief book, is the story of the man whose powerful words, moral courage, and organizational genius inspired America’s civil rights movement.

Dr. Anna McIntyre’s life was going along just fine until someone else started living it. Her patient died because of an identity mix-up; her medical career is in jeopardy because of forged prescriptions; and her credit is in ruins. She thought things couldn’t get worse, but that was before she opened the envelope and saw a positive HIV test with her name on it.
Her allies are two men who are also competing for her affection. Dr. Nick Valentine is a cynic who carries a load of guilt. Attorney Ross Donovan is a recovering alcoholic. The deeper Anna digs to discover who’s behind the identity thefts the higher the stakes. Finally, when her life is on the line, Anna finds that her determination to clear her name might have been a prescription for trouble.

In New York, Walt Lawson is about to lose his girlfriend Vanessa. In Los Angeles, Raymond and Mia James are about to lose their house. Within days, none of it will matter.

When Vanessa dies of the flu, Walt is devastated. But she isn't the last. The virus quickly kills billions, reducing New York to an open grave and LA to a chaotic wilderness of violence and fires. As Raymond and Mia hole up in an abandoned mansion, where they learn to function without electricity, running water, or neighbors, Walt begins an existential walk to LA, where Vanessa had planned to move when she left him. He expects to die along the way.

Months later, a massive vessel appears above Santa Monica Bay. Walt is attacked by a crablike monstrosity in a mountain stream. The virus that ended humanity wasn't created by humans. It was inflicted from outside. The colonists who sent it are ready to finish the job--and Earth's survivors may be too few and too weak to resist.

Escape into romantic fantasy in this collection of five tales of paranormal lovers. Meet and angel of death who finds the man of her dreams in "A Little Death". A wizard saves a lady in distress from her demon-haunted house in "Every Little Thing She Does". A defective unicorn brings a king and a lady of negotiable affection together in "New Yorke Snow". "The Weaver and the Werewolf" must overcome their tumultuous past to save the land they love. And a surgeon is pulled from our world to find true love in "Butterfly Dreaming".

Erotic. Exotic. Carnival’s feathered samba groups with their golden masks dance to a rhythm that says, “Welcome to a new place and time with new rules.” Welcome to a city with the massive Christ statue on Sugar Loaf, and a festival that should be off limits to a good, na├»ve French girl who knows art better than real life. Michelle is that young, French artist who faces all she cannot understand or resist in the form of a sexy millionaire, Mickey. He interrupts her prayers in a church at the end of one of those lost, dark alleys. He touches her gently on the shoulder, and she turns to look him in the eyes and sees the brick wall of death.

Dan and D’arcy Dugan, on the other hand, are the perfect corporate couple. Only he wants her to be the pillar supporting his career and she wants her past, and the “love of her life” back. Who wins? The one who stays alive.
Jean Bouchard saves Michelle by making her a class-act corporate wife, and then finds that she has not only returned to her Brazilian lover, but has also added his corporate rival from America to her romantic adventures. Then their world explodes.

Where is Michelle destined? Hell. Mickey designs the journey, and Jeanne never sees her again. Is there any hope for such minds and emotions in this dark, erotic thriller? Read it when you are lonely and wonder what else there is out there.

India: 1946. Blessing Ashish murmured. Such a name for a man cursed by a million gods For forty-eight years, his family toiled as slaves in the fields of the high-caste Lal family, and all because of one small debt. Ashish and his family knew nothing of the hatred for the British seething around them, nor of the struggle for independence that simmered throughout India. At fifty-four, Ashish was old and worn out. His wife had died long before how many years, he had no idea. Even though he had four sons to work beside him in the fields, every day was a struggle to survive. Sometimes his only daughter worked, too, but she also cooked and cleaned and kept the clothes in repair. His wife had named the girl Shridula Blessings. Perhaps the name will bring you more fortune than it brought me, Ashish told his daughter. His words proved to be prophetic in ways he could never have imagined. And when the flames of revolt brought independence to India, they seared change into the families of Ashish and Lal.

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