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March 16, 2012  Free E-Books
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How To Drink While Dieting by Michael Cecchin
When it comes to dieting, alcohol is not the ogre its often made out to be. The truth, is that you do NOT have to miserable to be thin. How To Drink While Dieting will not only show you plenty of research into the benefits of having your little cocktail treats while dieting, but also hand you 101 Skinny Cocktail recipes with the exact ingredients list, calorie counts, and specific servings sizes to make sure you are prepared for any social setting. 

"Do all the freakin' sit-ups you want, but you won't lose that belly. Try every diet in the world, but if you aren't avoiding three key "foods" you are doomed to a muffin top. Jog your way to Timbuctu and back, but chances are you'll still be casting a shadow on your Nikes--until you CORRECTLY practice the ancient breath technique that will shape you up without having to lace up."

What's the way to a flat belly? Find out in this flat belly guide that is just like the belly you're looking for: lean, mean and tight. Nothing extra. Beach-ready. Trim and proper.

For health conscious and diet conscious individuals, it is highly recommended to follow some low calorie dinner recipes. You don’t have to skip your dinner because you can prepare healthy meals that have less than 300 calories per serving. All recipes are prepared by expert gourmet cook and nutrition experts to give you tasty, low calorie, nutritious dinner every day. Aside from that, the recipes are easy to prepare and easy to follow. You can now enjoy your dinners without worrying of excess daily calorie intake.

Need a quick fix? We all need one at times. While I am sure you love getting your groove on in the kitchen and playing with ingredients and making a whole process out of cooking, life just happens at times and we need an easy, quick fix lunch or dinner. The perfect solution? A quick fix salad, of course!

Avocado - check! Yummy Quinoa - check! Chicken - check! Bed of vegetables - double check! These are just a few of the easy to read, easy to have ingredients that we used in our recipes. With these easy to make salads, you will rediscover how just a few ingredients can create a wonderful meal that will keep you full for hours, without taking hours to make.

Enjoy easy & delicious Chinese soup right at your finger tips. All the ingredients are easy to find, the dishes are easy to make. You will not find another Chinese soup cookbook elsewhere.

Diane Dixon has done it again with a collection of non-conventional dessert recipes. She has put together a collection of some of the most delicious desserts and to top it all off...they all are made with beer!

Desserts are great but who wants to eat the same old desserts time and time again. The desserts featured in this book are fun, easy to make and most of all they are delicious!

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